Chart module reference

class lognplot.chart.curve.Curve(db, name, color)

A curve is a view onto a signal in the database.

Note that this curve is read only view onto the data.

This is also the point where we assign a color to the data.

class lognplot.chart.chart.Chart(db)

Chart object.

Note that this is only the datatype of the chart. All drawing is performed in a seperate function. This only binds all the axis, traces into a single object.


Automatically adjust the Y-axis to fit data in range.

data_summary(timespan=None) → lognplot.tsdb.aggregation.Aggregation

Metrics of all signals in the plot.

fit_metrics_y_axis(metric: lognplot.tsdb.metrics.Metrics)

Adjust Y-axis to fit metrics into view.

fit_timespan_on_x_axis(timespan: lognplot.time.timespan.TimeSpan)

Adjust X-axis to fit timespan in view.


Get the current viewed region.


Pan horizontally by a certain amount.


Pan a percentage of the current axis range.

horizontal_zoom(amount, around)

Zoom in horizontal manner.


Set cursor position onto this chart.

Use None to hide the cursor.


Adjust axis to fit all curves.


To to the last duration in view.

class lognplot.chart.axis.Axis

Implement an axis with a minimum and maximum value.

This class can also be used to generate appropriate tick values for the axis.


Get tick values for this axis.

This function should take care of the following: - tick values are rounded to logical multiples, such as 1, 2 or 0.2 - tick values are returned as tuples of values and the string label.


Move the axis view by an absolute amount.


Pan a percentage of the axis range.

set_limits(minimum, maximum)

Set the ends of the axis.

zoom(amount, around=None)

Zoom this axis by a certain amount, optionally around the given value.

lognplot.chart.axis.ceil_to_multiple_of(value, step)

Round the given value to integer multiples of step.