Welcome to lognplot’s documentation!


The lognplot package aims to ease the logging and plotting of data of real-time systems. It stores the data in an easy zoomable form, such that panning and scrolling in the data works well, even with larger data sets of millions of points.

The project contains:

  • Time series database like structures
  • PyQt5 widgets for chart rendering

Basic example

To emit measured data from python to a lognplot server/GUI use the following:

import time
from lognplot.client import LognplotTcpClient

client = LognplotTcpClient('', 12345)

while True:
    # Complicated code goes here :)

    some_variable = 3.14
    client.send_sample('my_channel', time.time(), some_variable)

Now start the server / GUI tool to receive this data. For example, one could use the rust implementation of this GUI. When the GUI is running, run your script and benefit from logging.

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